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House Proud with Rachael Whatley

  • by Jacqueline Smith
  • 3 min read

Rachel Whatley cover image - shelf with thrift finds

Next in the House Proud series we are hearing from Rachael Whatley. Rachael's instagram feed is filled with loads of House Proud inspiration from her DIY handiwork in her three story terraced town house tucked away in Penzance in Cornwall, to those things she just loves from thrift and second hand shops.

Here's what being house proud means to Rachael ...

What makes you proud of your home? 

I think what makes me most proud of our home is what we have achieved on basically a zero budget. There is nothing really in our home that is brand new. From our sofas to the fridge, to our dining table and chairs, all sourced on Facebook marketplace. We don’t really live on the most glamorous street that Penzance has to offer, so when people come into our home they are always shocked by what we have managed to achieve. That alone makes me super proud.

What one home essential could you not live without?

A bit of a random one, but it would have to be my Sheilas maid. Having it up in our breakfast bar has been so handy, mainly for my endless amounts of linen napkins I seem to keep purchasing. I wanted a maid for ages and one day my Dad spotted one on his neighbours shed roof! They were throwing it away so we asked if we could have it & restore it. It now works like a dream and something that you don’t find in most homes these days.

What item are you most proud of in your home and why?

I think it would have to be the industrial shelving unit in our kitchen. Our kitchen is super small and lacked a lot of storage. Luckily we have a friend who works in hydraulics that came around and made the frame for us, then we added the scaffolding boards and it’s been such a space saver. (Plus I enjoy taking everything off it now & then and have a little rearrange).


Are there parts of your home you see differently now that you're spending more time there?

We live in a town house so our outdoor space is very limited, but we are lucky enough to have a small courtyard. This summer I decided to repaint the outside, buy a bistro set (sourced on FBM) and hunt down some pots and plants. We only get the sun in the morning out there, but that morning coffee sitting amongst the flowers is pure and utter bliss. Lockdown certainly has made me appreciate every single corner of our home and I’m so thankful for what we have.

Have you come across any great eco-friendly home products that you'd recommend?

On the street where I work is the beautiful Egyptian House, home to @purenuffstuff. Not only do they do natural skin care products, they also have beautiful homeware pieces and eco-friendly cleaning products. My personal favourite of theirs are their wax melts. Lovingly hand blended and you can choose from six different scents. There is always one melting away somewhere in our home.

What makes a house a home to you?

A few things for me. The trinkets we have picked up from our travels, to the art work on the walls. It’s all personal to us and that makes our home. It all has a story and our home certainly tells it. It’s not a show home, it will forever be full of ‘stuff’, but being surrounded by these things makes our home what it is. Our safe space. Our sanctuary.


Rachael Whatley 

Here's all about Rachael Whatley in her own words

"I’m 32yrs old and I live in three story terraced town house tucked away in Penzance (Cornwall). I live with my fiancé Jonny & our very naughty chatty rescue cat Winter. I’m a visual Merchandiser for a local independent clothing store and I could just moved things around all day everyday. I feel very lucky to do something that I love in the town I get to call home."

You can find Rachael on instagram @no.74home


Don't forget to let me know what makes me proud of your home in the comments below!

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