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Top 5 Benefits of Natural Fragrances on Well-Being

  • by Jacqueline Smith
  • 3 min read

Dried Lavender in kitchen

The term ‘fragrance’ can be used to describe a variety of aromatic mixtures that can be used as a perfume, to add a sense of luxury to a room or cover up an unwanted odour. When it comes to choosing a fragrance, finding something that can reduce stress, improve sleep and boost your mood could benefit your overall health and your way of being.

Lavender, citronella and eucalyptus are just a few examples of natural aromas. To help you learn more, here are some of the benefits of natural fragrances on well-being.

Calms & Resets the Mind

Marine fragrances that take inspiration from scents of the sea or other bodies of water, algae or warm sand, are often recommended for those looking to calm and reset the mind. These scents are invigorating and fresh. They’re also powerful, often taking people back to happy times on the beach by tapping into their subconscious scent memory.

Often called aquatic fragrances, these clean, fresh and versatile smells are perfect for relaxing the mind and offering a sense of peace and freedom to those who use them.


Makes You Feel Reassured

If you want to feel strong, reassured and grounded, then woody fragrances are just what you need. These are often characterised by a rich and earthy aroma that is closely linked to nature.

Perfect examples of this scent include sandalwood, fresh pine and classic cedarwood. Vanilla, musk and ambergris are also often found within the woody fragrance category and are commonly used to enhance woody notes. The smell of wood triggers a reassuring and relaxing effect by activating good memories of exploring the great outdoors, supporting you in feeling more present and connected to the world around you.

Helps You Feel Awakened & Energised

Scents with hints of citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, orange and bergamot can have an uplifting effect on your mood making you feel awakened and energised in return. Certain scents such as lemon can increase oxygen flow to the brain which supports in enhancing energy levels.

Research suggests that some citrus species contain DMT (dimethyltryptamine). This is a natural chemical that it is believed may be responsible for that natural feel-good feeling many people get when inhaling citrusy aromas. They are also known to encourage the production of serotonin, a mood-boosting chemical messenger.

Promotes Purity & Relieves Stress

There is nothing more uplifting than the smell of fresh flowers. If you’re looking to promote purity and relieve stress, then a floral fragrance could be the perfect scent for you. Research suggests that inhaling the smell of certain plants to reduce stress has been practised since ancient times. White blooms seem to increase feelings of peace, purity and calmness more than others.

Some other benefits of floral scents include the ability to fight depression, reduce inflammation and induce sleep. Aromas such as lavender are very soothing and get your head back into the moment.

Soothes & Relieves Anxiety

Fresh, natural fragrances consisting of a blend of natural scents or oils including lavender, bergamot and oakmoss are best for soothing and relieving anxiety.

This calming effect is due to the aromas having a solid connection to nature which helps you associate them with the great outdoors. This soothes the mind and makes you feel less anxious in return. In most cases, you’ll find that a blend of scents in a fragrance works best as it will reap a variety of wellness benefits including the one it’s targeting.

A great way to soothe yourself and relive feelings of stress and anxiety is to have a soak in the bath or shower with a natural lavender-based bath soak that will calm, clean and moisturise at the same time.

Start Using Natural Fragrances to Improve Your Well-Being

Finding your perfect fragrance should always be about having fun and experimenting with your nose, so you should take the time to enjoy and learn about a variety of scents and their benefits. It might be that you choose different fragrances to support various elements of your well-being, whether it be lavender in the bedroom to bring a sense of calm before sleep, or citrus in the office to energise and uplift, for example.

At nookary we’ve given a lot of thought and consideration to the natural fragrances used in our eco-friendly products to support the well-being of our customers. Not only do we include these natural fragrances in our all-purpose and upholstery cleaning products, but we’ve created a range of probiotic air fresheners too which bring calming, energising and stress-busting benefits straight to any room.

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