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nookary probiotic all purpose cleaner and pouch

Why Switch to a Probiotic Cleaner

Unlike most home cleaning products which use harsh and toxic chemicals to disinfect a surface, a probiotic cleaner uses a gentler process using beneficial bacteria to outcompete with the bad bacteria that is harmful to us. This is much like how our bodies work.

Our eco-friendly probiotic formula actually makes cleaning easier, and they carry on working whilst you’re doing literally ANYTHING else.

Plus our evocative nature inspired scents are AMAZING.

nookary probiotic all purpose cleaner refill

Non-toxic when used around your home

Our unique probiotic cleaning range is designed to work with nature rather than against it. It’s non-toxic making it safer for you and your family.

Our PH neutral formulas are great for all surfaces and our All-purpose Cleaner really means all-purpose, it works brilliantly on worktops, limescale, kitchen, bathrooms and even windows! Put it to the test.

probiotic all purpose cleaner and pouch sicilian lemon

No more plastic piling up under the sink

Our probiotic cleaning products are refillable so no more plastic bottles piling up under the sink or being thrown into landfill. There’s absolutely no single use plastic and they’re as zero waste as we could possibly make them.

Our All-Purpose Cleaner and Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner are concentrated to save on water transport. They’re readily biodegradable (meaning they breakdown quickly and safely when washed away). As well as being cruelty free and vegan, they are totally palm oil free.

nookary probiotic cleaner and refill pouch

Save £10 when you buy our Probiotic House Proud Bundle.

The perfect starter kit to help you on your way to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

It includes approximately 4 months of our unique non-toxic Probiotic All-Purpose Cleaner, Probiotic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and Probiotic Air Freshener with your beautifully practical Forever bottles.

Everything you need to get going!

The Probiotic Cleaning Range

Our range comes includes an All-Purpose Cleaner (which really means all-purpose!), a Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner to keep your carpets and soft furnishings fresh and lasting longer and an Air Freshener to cleanse the air in your home with keep it smelling AMAZING with our natured inspired scents.

probiotic all purpose cleaner, carpet and upholstery and air freshener