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Cashmere & Wool Eco Wash No.3

Nourish and protect your knitwear or cashmere with this wonderful No.3 wool detergent. Made from and fragranced with all-natural plant based ingredients, you can care for your clothes whilst caring for the planet.

Size: 250g

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  • No. 3 is perfect when you need to do a cashmere wash or wool wash. It will help you to extend the life of your wool or cashmere clothes by gently cleaning and softening them, whilst caring for the planet at the same time.

    We appreciate it can be a catch 22 situation when you are trying to be eco-friendly but you have delicate cashmere or wool items which need cleaning. Often these items are dry cleaned for fear of shrinking or ruining them, but with that comes the worry that your precious items might be being cleaned and treated with detergents containing toxins and harsh chemicals which can be exceptionally bad for the environment. No more googling how to wash cashmere, simply own a bottle of this wonderful wool detergent.

    Made entirely of eco-friendly ingredients and plant-based fragrances of creamy sandalwood and sweet patchouli, your delicate cashmere and wool items will be left wonderfully refreshed as well as naturally protected from clothes moths who love to feed on the natural materials in wool and cashmere, but don’t like the smell of many natural wood and plant scents.

  • To hand wash: Fill your sink with cool water and pour in 2-3 capfuls per garment. Swirl the water around to ensure the wool detergent is fully mixed in, then place your garments in and submerge. Gently stir the water and then leave your items for around 30 minutes. Once finished, rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

    To machine wash: Add 2-3 capfuls per garment into the machine drawer and put your washing machine on a cashmere or delicate wash setting.

    Dry your items flat on a towel and never squeeze out the water. Any washing of 'dry clean only' items at home is done so at your own risk. Do not consume any of the detergent and please rinse your eyes if splashed.

  • Blend of sandalwood and patchouli.

    15 - < 30% oxygen-based bleaching agents, 5 - < 15% soap, < 5% anionic surfactants, non-iconic surfactants, plant-based fragrances.

    Do not consume.

    Clothes Doctor Eco washes come in a 100% aluminium bottle with a compostable label and recyclable outer packaging, making it infinitely recyclable in an efficient closed-loop system.

  • By caring for your clothes from the get-go by using the right products, you can love them for longer and help take care of the planet at the same time.

    Clothes Doctor are on a mission to help reduce the amount of water, carbon and landfill footprint which is hugely impacted by the fashion industry. They are the UK's first digital clothing maintenance service, and as well as offering eco-friendly products to help you care for your clothes at home, they also offer a repair and alterations service to help you to reduce waste and love your clothes for longer.

    They ensure they always embody their company values by reducing throwaway plastic and waste, and being animal-friendly. The products come in fully recyclable aluminium bottles and plastic free packaging, the products are all vegan friendly and have not been tested on animals.

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