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House proud with Charlotte Carpenter

  • by Jacqueline Smith
  • 2 min read

Charlotte Carpenter

This lovely house proud interview is with Charlotte Carpenter, the lady behind our social. All those feel good shots with the lovely morning light, the daily house proud inspiration popping up during your IG scroll - all Charlotte.

Here's what she has to say about what makes her house a home.

What makes you proud of your home? 

I think there's something special in making a house/ flat or room feel like your own, however you choose to decorate. But for me, I always feel most proud when my home becomes a place that my friends and family feel comfortable and treat as their own too. Saying that, I'm also really proud of my ceramics & art collection too though!

What one home essential could you not live without?

My diffuser! I add uplifting essential oils, such as orange blossom, to it every morning and let it diffuse away in the background. I couldn't have worked at home this past year without it!

What item are you most proud of in your home and why?

My bright orange armchair. I bought it a few months ago to brighten up my room and encourage me to sit down and read - it's made such a difference to the space!

Are there parts of your home you see differently now that you're spending more time there?

I think appreciating and making the most of natural light has been a big thing for me since spending more time at home. I've realised how much natural light helps me to feel energised and have definitely moved the furniture around to maximise it!

Have you come across any great eco-friendly home products that you'd recommend?

My go-to would have to be my muslin face cloths. They replace the need for cotton wool/face wipes and always leave my skin feeling buffed and refreshed, whichever cleanser I use. Another recommendation would have to be my KeepCup which I could not be without working in London - back when we were in the office every day it would save me so much single-use waste. Beeswax wraps are also another favourite of mine to avoid single-use waste around the house.

What makes a house a home to you?

Home to me is somewhere filled with happy memories, my favourite things, and a place that I feel comfortable and safe. It is also a place to fill with and welcome family and friends, who are the ones you make memories with after all.


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