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Common Questions

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Product Information

A probiotic cleaner uses living, beneficial micro-organisms (microbes) to provide long lasting surface cleansing, odour control and a healthier microbiome in our homes. These microbes keep on working, even when you’ve finished cleaning, continuing to break down organic matter on your surfaces as a source of energy. As well as making it easier to wipe your surfaces perfectly clean, the beneficial microbes also compete for nutrients and can competitively exclude harmful bacteria residing on surfaces for many hours.

The live microbes in probiotic cleaners need energy to survive and therefore clean for as long as there is unwanted organic material to consume. Even after the initial clean, the beneficial bacteria continue to grow and consume additional spills and soiling. They only stop when all of their energy source has been used up, i.e., when the area is clean. This results in a sustained clean environment and a reduction in offensive odours. This continued cleaning is confirmed by research in clinical dental and hospital settings which demonstrates that probiotic cleaning is better than using chemical disinfectants which usually eliminate surface pathogens immediately but are ineffective in preventing recontamination and pathogen regrowth occurring within a few hours after cleaning

Yes, absolutely! All of our probiotic cleaners are entirely palm oil free. This is rarer than you'd think for cleaning products.

In their ready to use state (once diluted with water) our nookary Probiotic Cleaners are 99% natural. The other ingredients used are preservatives and surfactants to ensure the ongoing safety and effectiveness of the products.

Of course, when you buy your refill pouch you can select to get a new bottle sticker with your order. You’ll need to wash the old sticker off with very warm water, we find popping it in with your full dishwasher load works a treat.

We keep preservatives and nasties to a minimum, which means once diluted your formula will be at its best for 3 weeks. It’s still safe to use after the 3 weeks but it will start to lose its effectiveness.

Yes, when it’s ready to use (diluted with water), there are no allergen risks for any of our Probiotic Cleaners and fragrances. When concentrated, our Sicilian Lemon and Tranquil Moments fragrance have some allergens due to the natural essential oils. In general probiotic cleaners are less likely to cause allergies than their chemically laden counterparts. According to Allergy UK, some cleaning products can contain ingredients that may trigger or worsen allergic symptoms including asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema. The organisation recommends that allergy sufferers choose cleaning products which are non-toxic or have a reduced content of harsh chemicals. In particular, some cleaning products can be toxic for people with asthma as they often contain chemical compounds that are released into the air that can inflame the airways, leaving asthma sufferers prone to an attack. In particular, one study showed that cleaning products can cause long-term lung damage for people with asthma.

Its gentle formula and PH balance means it’s safe for all hard surfaces that aren’t damaged by water, including your windows and mirrors!

If you do have a surface that you’re particularly worried about then we recommend you do a patch test first in an inconspicuous area.

For areas like your toilet bowl, you can also use your Probiotic
All-Purpose Cleaner more concentrated.

We spend our time carefully selecting products that closely match our principles around reducing waste and single-use plastic, those that are supply chain conscious and from companies that are giving back in someway.  Our products are designed to last, do good and are not destined to end up in a landfill.

The partners that we work with are all doing good indifferent ways and some are farther along the journey than others, but it’s clear they’re united by a passion to change things for the better. We’re all about transparency and helping you be conscious about where you spend your money. We try to provide as much information as possible about each product so you can make the right decision for you about what to buy. If you still have questions then do email us at and we’ll help answer them where we can.

We keep plastic to a minimum, however sometimes it can’t be avoided. It’s usually because the plastic is widely recyclable and the product stacks up well against some of our other criteria.  Or it may be that the plastic is designed to be reusable like a spray bottle you refill or a pump you reuse. If you have any recommendations for more planet friendly solutions, please do pass them on to us at

Yes, all of our packaging is plastic-free and recyclable and, where possible, made from recycled materials.

Please help us by returning your refill pouches, we reuse them.

If you bought your refill pouch in store:Check with the store you bought your refill pouch in, they may offer you £2 off your next refill pouch when you swap it in with your old pouch.

You can also follow the instructions below if that's easier for you.

If you bought your pouch on this website: We’ll send you a prepaid returns envelope when you need one. If you have a refill subscription with us, we’ll send you a returns envelope every 4 deliveries. Otherwise click here and add the returns envelope to your next order. We suggest you wait until you have 4 pouches to return first.

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No problem at all. We are confident that you will love our products as much as we do, but if for any reason you don’t, then we offer free returns and a money back guarantee. Drop us an email at within 14 days of receiving your order and we’ll get a returns label sent out to you and further instructions on how to send the product back. We’ll process your refund as soon as we receive your return, but it usually takes 5 working days before the money appears in your account. We recommend getting proof of postage when you’re sending your product back to us as we're not able to take responsibility if returned items do not reach us. You can read all about our returns and refund policy here.

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