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Hello, we’re nookary...

We make it easy for you to create a home you can be proud.

How do we do it? We curate and produce beautifully practical household essentials that are kinder to the planet and really work. We only sell what we use and love.  

Each of our collections, whether curated from other brands or produced by us, puts people and planet first. That means natural ingredients, minimal packaging and waste, and good working conditions for makers. 

We all feel a sense of pride when it comes to our homes and that goes far beyond aesthetics. We’re changing what it means to be house proud and we hope you’ll join us.

Where did it all begin?

nookary was started in 2020 by myself, Jacqueline, and my good friend, Rohan. The idea evolved out of a mutual love for discovering great products from earth friendly brands.

The idea started growing over daily nut milk cappuccinos in the office cafe. Our goal was to make it easier for people to find great eco-friendly products that they can be proud of. We wanted to reduce the amount of time and research spent on finding the eco products that actually work and make the right choice the easy one.

In a market where eco is often assumed to be subpar and where so many brands are jumping on the eco bandwagon with questionable credentials, we wanted to cut through the noise and offer super effective earth friendly products, in an honest and transparent way.

We know that a lot of people are hesitant to start on the eco journey through fear of not being perfect, not knowing who to trust and feeling dwarfed by the scale of the eco problem. This is where we really want to make a difference, with small steps, easy swaps and positive, not judgemental, vibes. We’re by no means perfect and we’re on this journey together.

We didn’t have all the answers when we started (and still don’t!), but we started small and simple; bringing together our tried and tested favourites, products that we use and love ourselves. The criteria for our product ranging was the same on day one as it is now, products that are super effective from brands doing good.

While nookary started out as a joint venture, today I run the company full time, with Rohan being our biggest cheerleader.

Launching our own range

Following months of testing products from other brands I decided I’d learnt enough and it was time to produce something of my own. I wanted to take all the information gathered and use it to create products that were a joy to use and had minimal impact on the planet. So I started with refills.

Our Probiotic Cleaning Refills launched and (of course I’m biased) I can’t get enough of them. nookary is about offering and developing products that are effective, beautiful and serve a purpose. The new range does just that!

It’s been such a journey, and I’m so thrilled to have the range now out there.

Tackling big problems one small decision at a time

I know the environmental challenge is huge, and I don’t want to shy away from that (it terrifies me!). But it isn’t a problem any single one of us can solve on our own, it is a collective challenge for us all to take on together. But what we can absolutely take responsibility for individually is the decisions we make ourselves each day. We are powerful as consumers and we can exercise that power by deciding where we put our money, time and voices.  As with anything, fads and trends will come and go in the eco space, our promise is that we will approach our business with integrity and considered choices. We aren’t perfect, but we are continuously learning and improving and try to be conscious in every one of our choices. It is through this consistent approach to the little (and big!) decisions day to day from each person and business, that we believe can make a big change.

So what's next?

nookary is still very young as a brand, but I’m really proud of how far it's come already. I’m proud to have built a business and a brand that I can stand behind, through what it does and what it stands for. I don’t pretend that nookary is the answer to the worlds’ problems, but it is my starting point to making a change for the better. Let’s see where it goes!