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House proud with Jane Day

  • by Jacqueline Smith
  • 3 min read

Jane Day cover photo

Here we are with the second in our 'house proud' interview series, and we're lucky enough to hear from Jane Day from Tea with Ruby. This series is about championing a bit of positivity in 2021 by sharing with you some behind the senes from inspiring people about what house proud means to them.

Jane has been writing about home life and her passion for interior design for many years, and it's lovely to hear about what makes her house a home. Here's what Jane has to say.

What makes you proud of your home? 

It may come as a surprise to many but my home is a 1980's new build that didn't have any redeeming features when we bought it. It has taken many years to get it to how it looks now but I am rather proud of what we have achieved. Alas it isn't the perfect home in the country with wide open views of rolling fields but its cosy and warm inside and gives you a hug when you walk into it.

What one home essential could you not live without?

Can I have two? I couldn't be without the Stelton coffee pot and For Life tea pot. There is nothing better than slowly making a pot of coffee first thing to savour before the day begins, or a pot of tea later in the day to relax and unwind with curled up on the sofa, especially when poured into the most tactile ceramic mugs.

What item are you most proud of in your home and why?

Our bed, it was one of the best Ebay purchases, we couldn't quite believe the price for something so old and fabulous. It makes me smile even now and I will never part with it.

Are there parts of your home you see differently now that you're spending more time there?

Funnily enough not really as both my husband and I have worked from home for many years. Our house isn't so big so we do get to use most rooms every day which is nice, each room has a different function. We work from the kitchen table so most of the days comings and goings happen here right through to our evening meal, its the heart of the home. When the day turns into the evening we all cuddle up in the living room together where it is cosy and inviting. The best part at the moment for us as a family is that our daughter is here with us too through the day and I will miss that when school reopens.

Have you come across any great eco-friendly home products that you'd recommend?

I know this doesn't sound very sexy but installing sheep wool loft insulation, and changing all your light bulbs to LED ones. Also bulk buying eco friendly washing products such as laundry liquid/powder, washing up liquid etc. Using brushes to wash up with in a bowl to reduce water waste. Also one of the most simplest things is to invest in a clothes airer for when you can't hang washing out on the line. Drying clothes outside on the line is one of life's little pleasures, nothing beats watching it blow in the breeze.

What makes a house a home to you?

The outlook of the people that live in it. I definitely believe in that, you can make it as cosy and calm as you possibly can but the love comes from those that live there.


Jane Day 

For those that don't know Jane already; Jane is a dedicated blogger, product photographer, stylist, freelance writer and (last but not least) the curator of Tea with Ruby, an online lifestyle blog.

She has a passion for interiors and studied interior design before starting Tea with Ruby.  She is lucky enough to have worked with some forward thinking brands and businesses over the years particularly those with sustainable credentials.   Working with those determined to have a positive impact on people, the environment and most importantly the home. Using her voice and images through the blog and social media, Jane creates stories that focus on home and a slower way of life and hopefully engaging other like minded people.


It goes without saying that we're sure you loved reading Jane's answers as much as we did. Seeing the kitchen as the heart of the home really resonates, especially for a foodie like me!

If you want to hear more from Jane you can connect with her on Instagram @teawithruby or head over to where you will find her blog and more about the work she does.

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