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What is a probiotic cleaner

  • by Jacqueline Smith
  • 3 min read

What is a probiotic cleaner

With our upcoming product launch (which I am hugely excited about), I wanted to share with you a bit more about what a probiotic cleaner is and why we've chosen it for our first nookary product. As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and questions!

Let’s start with the basics, what is a probiotic cleaner?

Unlike most home cleaning products which use harsh and toxic chemicals to disinfect a surface, a probiotic cleaner uses a gentler process using beneficial bacteria to outcompete with the bad bacteria that is harmful to us. This is much like how our bodies work.

You may also hear them described as bio-detergents, bio-cleaners or microbial cleaners. They are all essentially the same thing.

How do probiotic cleaners work?

Probiotics cleaners use naturally occurring safe microbes in a very high concentration which starve the harmful bacteria, as well as being really effective at tackling the dirt, grime and grease around the home. Different probiotics cleaners will use different beneficial bacteria strains, ours use variations of the Bacillus strain which has had the highest number of scientific studies on.

One of my favourite features of a probiotic cleaner is that it keeps on working for days after you’ve finished cleaning, while you’re off doing your own thing. In comparison, chemical cleaners usually just kill the existing bacteria rather than offering any ongoing protection. Better for the environment and makes my housework easier ... that sold it to me, right there!

What makes our probiotic cleaner stand out from others on the market is that our strains of bacteria have been carefully selected and tested to specifically tackle your household grime, dirt and germs and have been vigorously tested to make sure they work in harmony with each other rather than compete. With the delicate balance needed in a probiotic cleaning product, this extra due diligence really makes ours stand out in terms of performance.

But do probiotic cleaners actually work?

Short answer is yes.

A longer answer includes some scientific studies for you :) 

As well as the scientific testing done on the effectiveness of the probiotic formula in our products, there have been several independent studies done on Bacillus based probiotic cleaners in Hospitals and Dentists. These studies have shown probiotic cleaners to be effective in tackling harmful bacteria, and one study in 2020 directly compared a probiotic cleaner to a standard disinfectant and the probiotic cleaner was a clear winner in terms of tackling harmful bacteria. Do drop me an email if you want to see the studies and want to learn more.

If a probiotic cleaner contains bacteria, how safe is it and do we want to be using it in our home?

All of the probiotics in our formula are classified as Biological Safety Level 1 organisms, which means they are non-harmful to humans, animals and plants. This is very different to many chemical-based cleaners which are laden with hazardous warnings such as, ‘harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects’. If you have any at home at the moment, I encourage to go and have a look at the labels.

Why is nookary’s probiotic cleaner better than what’s already out there?

If you just need one reason … our probiotic cleaner keeps on cleaning, while you’re literally doing ANYTHING else.

If you want some more reasons …

Probiotic cleaners are made through a fermentation process of naturally occurring microbes, which is much gentler on the planet compared to the more intensive process to make chemical-based cleaners, which also often have harmful bio products.

In terms of the chemicals in the cleaner itself; all cleaning products you buy will need a preservative to ensure they stay safe and effective. We’ve kept the preservative in ours to an absolute minimum, which accounts for less than 0.5% in the concentrated formula, so that’s less than 0.05% once you’ve mixed up your bottle. 

We know you’ve got enough clutter in your household cupboards already, which is why our probiotic cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner, that you can use for your kitchen, bathroom and the rest of your home. One bottle that you refill again and again. Less clutter and less plastic!

Better for you, your home and the planet.

If you have any other questions, please do fire them over.


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