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Explore our fragrances

Explore our fragrances

Our fragrances are 100% essential oil based and have been designed to make you feel proud of your home. The raw ingredients have been meticulously sourced directly from from producers ensuring fair incomes and they are 100% biodegradable. 

Beautifully Bare.

For those who prefer the gentle touch of unscented cleaning products, our beautifully bare range offers the ideal solution. Its gentle, non-toxic formula won't overpower your home, and it works REALLY well.

Sicilian Lemon.

Summer in Sicily; sweet, citrusy and fresh. With one spray of our Lemon and Bergamot cleaner you’ll be transported to those long, relaxing days of summer in the Mediterranean. Relaxing moments spent lounging under the shade of lemon trees and the gentle lapping of the ocean on the sand.

Tranquil Moments.

Cool, refreshing and tranquil. Our Peppermint and Eucalyptus scent blends fresh peppermint with crisp, earthy eucalyptus for a calming spa-like aroma. The mellow yet zingy scent brings an inviting and clear freshness to your home. 

English Garden.

Earthy sweetness. Our Honeysuckle and Pear scent brings back memories of dewy Spring mornings in the garden, the air quietly still with an ever so gentle breeze carrying the nectarous fragrance. The nostalgic scent of long summer days that are yet to come.