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Refillable Probiotic Cleaning

Unlike traditional cleaning products which use harsh and toxic chemicals, our probiotic cleaners use a gentler process leveraging the power of beneficial bacteria to outcompete the harmful bacteria around your home. The probiotics carry on working for hours, even days, after you’ve finished cleaning, protecting you and your home for longer. They’re non-toxic, requiring zero hazardous warnings once diluted. Our refill pouches are part of a closed-loop refill system, designed to be sent back to us for FREE to be reused or 100% recycled.

Our Probiotic Homecare products are as lovely to use as they are effective and support a more natural and healthier microbiome around the home.

Try before you subscribe

Our tester size is perfect for those who want to try our probiotic cleaning products or try a few fragrances before committing to the full-size pouch.