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Have we all started to be a bit more eco-friendly? With everyone spending far more time at home nowadays, it seems that people have been going greener. With this in mind, and for those of us who know we can do more but aren’t quite sure where to start, I wanted to look at some easy eco-friendly swap outs.
  • 15 min read
We wanted to create a really useful article to help people reduce their plastic waste, so we asked Charlotte to share her recent experience in trying to reduce her plastic waste. If one of your resolutions is to use less plastic, we hope her journey is filled with plenty of helpful recommendations to inspire yours.

Buying more sustainably doesn’t need to be a sudden and drastic life change, make smaller, more manageable choices and learn as you go. Here we share 8 criteria which we use when choosing products to work with, to help us buy more more sustainably and make more conscious choices.

  • 8 min read